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About Us

WIZE Oilfield Services is a proudly Canadian-owned and operated company with a persistent focus on state-of-the-art technology implementation to acquire and analyze well data and provide turn-key oil and gas production optimization and regulatory compliance solutions for oil and gas producing companies in Western Canada


Surface Welldata Acquisition

  • Fluid Level Shots
  • Static and producing bottom hole pressure calculation (SBHP/PBHP)
  • Pumpjack Balancing and Performance Evaluation

Production Optimization & Troubleshooting

  • Plunger Tracking
  • Leaky Gas Valve identification
  • Gas Separator Performance Simulation and Analysis
  • Foam Depression Test
  • Relief Operator Services

Regulatory Compliance

  • AER D13 Lease inspections
  • AER SCVF Test

Tim Harunov

Owner & Operator

Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Project Management (University of Calgary), combining almost 20 years of progressive hands-on field operational experience on various managing, engineering roles in Russia, the Middle East and Canada


  • Portable hi-end technologies
  • Precise and accurate data gathering
  • Wireless technologies

Production Optimization & Troubleshooting

  • Wireless Well Analyzer
  • Power Analyzer
  • TAM Software

Water Flood Optimization

  • Clamp-on solution for any single-phase liquids
  • Water Flood Optimization
  • Leak Detection System troubleshooting

Regulatory Compliance

  • AER D13 Lease Inspection
  • AER SCVF Test
  • Rigless Polished Rod Removal (in partnership with TapIt Inc.)

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